Patrick Jane is a fictional character and the titular main protagonist in the CBS crime drama series, The Mentalist.

Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

Patrick Jane was born around 1969 to 1974 to conman, Alex Jane and raised as a carney. Growing up, Jane 's father verbally abuses his son. Though not ever stated, Patrick probably spent some of his childhood into the foster system. One time Alex plays a big scam where he forces Jane to pretend to use a crystal with supposed healing properties for a grandmother and her ailing granddaughter. Eventually, Patrick meets his future wife, Angela Ruskin, who both run away after learning their similar backgrounds and leave their carney life behind. They marry and have a Daughter named Charlotte.

Through his earlier days, Jane feigned being a psychic. On one of his times working with the police, Jane puts away the criminal known as Don Bowman. ("Ball of Fire").

On one of the talkshows he guest stars on, Patrick insults an infamous serial killer known as Red John, calling him an "ugly little man." In retaliation, red John breaks into the Jane household, where he kills Patrick's wife and their daughter. Returning home, Jane sees a note written by Red John. A very distraught Jane sees Charlotte and Angela brutally myrdered nd notices red John painted Angela's toenails in her own blood and wrote his signature smiley face on the wall ("Pilot", "Red John's Friends")

The event of Patrick's loss causes Jane to go through a mental break down and incarcerate himself in a psychiatric ward, being treated by Sophie Miller, whom helps Jane get his life back on track. After spending six months in the asylum, Jane is released, but not before telling Sophie that he is grateful for her help. ("Red Dawn", "Red Brick and Ivy").

He later helped solve a case that had been going cold and was inducted into Teresa Lisbon's team.

Season one Edit

During one of the cold cases, Jane and his team were investigating another case and falsely believed it was Red John. However, studying Red John for years, Jane knows that it is not the serial killer's work. The couples' doctor, Dr. Wagnar attempted to kill Patrick in order to cover his tracks, but Jane is saved by Lisbon and their team. A young girl, Melanie, was abducted and tragically killed and realizes that one of her family members, the brother, wants to seek vengeance on the man who hurt his sister. Jane tries one of his other schemes by having Van Pelt smoke out the perp. He and a red head were nearly killed by the chef, Malcolm, and his wife, but Lisbon helps by killing Malcolm and incapacitating his wife. During another case, Jane develops a relationship with the victims best friend, Nicole, helping her remember what happened the night Kara was killed. Later, Jane develops an attraction to the victim's widow, Jennifer Sands after losing a bet with Rigsby. However, Jane finally sees through Jennifer and knows she was the one who planned the torture and Bennett kidnapped her daughter for unknown reasons.

Later, Red John sets a trap for Patrick, which ultimately failed when he was saved by Lisbon. Instead of finding Red John, they capture one of his followers. However, Patrick shoots Dumar to save her and Maya Plaskett.

Season 2 Edit

After Sam Bosco is given charge of the Red John case because Minelli thinks that he is too close to the Red John Case, Jane claims that this will be his last case on Lisbon's team. . However, he goes back on his word and stays with Lisbon, working with her team. Later, a haunting past comes back to Lisbon. When all the facts point to Lisbon, Jane offers to hypnotize her, but  Teresa ultimately declines, not wanting Jane inside her head. She gives in when the evidence is turning against her. Even under hypnosis, Jane cannot get Lisbon to remember what happened the night of McTeer's murder. The two of them later lure out the real killer, Teresa's doctor, Roy Carmen, Patrick and Teresa both succeed and clear Lisbon.

Later, Patrick plants a bug in Sam Bosco's office to get information on Red John case since he took over, but Bosco arrests Jane when he finds the plant. Lisbon later gets Bosco to drop the charges and threatens to reveal a terrifying truth if he does not leave Jane alone.  Bosco gives in. Minelli forces the Lisbon and Bosco team to team up on the kidnapping of Mia Westlake, a rich county heiress and the murder of a previous kidnap victim, Colin Hammer. This case allows Jane and Bosco to form a better relationship, but thinks fall out when Bosco is fatally wounded by Rebecca Anderson, his own assistant. Eventually, Jane and her have a conversation about Red John and Patrick failing to hypnotize her. Rebecca is suddenly poisoned by Red John, much to Jane's annoyance and frustration. Later, Jane and Bosco make peace with one another before the latter passes away.  

After their tragic loss, Patrick appears in front of an audience of rich people supporting the event. During the case, Jane tricks Thomas Doverton from revealing that he killed the jewel robery's prime suspect, Doyle Murphey and Donny Culpepper threatening to kill him and tricks Karl Ward, one of the prime suspects into admitting he loves his wife, Ester Doverton. 

The following case, the murder of Barney Sloop, a trainer for baseballs,  Jane takes a blow to the head by a foul ball, causing him to reflect back to the 1980s. Witnessing the players' fathers, Jane thinks back on the relationship with his father while witnessing the boys' relationship with their fathers, and remembered the time when he was forced to lie to a dying girl and her grandmother. He advises them not to listen to do what anyone tells them, not even their dads, trusting that he knows what it feels like.

Ever since Bosco and his team were killed in the CBI, Jane became uncomfortable by the camera, remembering what happened the last time he did, claiming this is a terrible idea. Investigating the murder of Martha St. Clare, Jane incurs the wrath of Chief Donner of the Sulter police. During this case, Wilson Fonteneau abducts Jane and reveals his real identity.

Season three Edit

Season four Edit

Season five Edit

Jane watches a man from forensics collecting DNA samples from Lorelei, but Patrick is prohibited from taking to her on orders of Gale Bertram and the FBI. Lisbon comes to Jane and tells him that they have a case going on. She takes him to a crime scene where the bodies of a young woman Callie Carson and a man named Rex Lango are ocated at in Callie's apartment. At the crime scene, Jane indirectly causes a fight between CBI agents Cho and Rigsby and FBI agents. After Lorelei is taken away, Jane and LIsbon visit Bertram's office, where he informs them regrettably that the FBI only pretended to give the CBI custody of Lorelei when they were in truth getting the warrant to take Martins away. Jane begs that they have to get her back before Red John's friend in the FBI can get to her, but Bertram points out that they'd have to go through the judge to get her. However, Patrick threatens to sing like a bird what truly led to Wainwright's death, and ignores Bertram's warnings. While at the courthouse, Jane plants a plastic red bead in Manicini's pocket. During the meeting, Patrick tells everyone that there is a friend of Red John's in the FBI and fakes information that all of Red John's friends have a blood red bead in their pocket and points out his "suspicions" to Judge Manchester. AN angry Manicini chases Jane through the entire courthouse, causing Manchester to sign off custody of Lorelei to the CBI. ("The Crimson Ticket)

Season six Edit

Season seven Edit

In the series finale, Jane buys a cabin and many acres of land for him and his wife Teresa. Patrick learns he's going to be a father again when Lisbon reveals her pregnancy to him.  (White Orchids)

Characters killed by Patrick JaneEdit

  • Dumar Tanner (Shot once in the stomach to save Lisbon)
  • Timothy Carter (shot several times; absolved by jury at trial)
  • Oscar Cordero (shot in the chest for self defense)
  • Red John/Thomas McAllister (shot in stomach, choked to death)

Killed because of Patrick's actionsEdit

  • Morgan Tolliver (killed by his wife Juniper Tolliver, whom Jane manipulated)
  • Don Bowman (induced at suicide, by the opinion of his daughter, Rachel)
  • James Panzer (induced Red John to murder Panzer, by having Panzer degrade him on television)
  • Fletcher Moss (enticed Wayne Rigsby to shoot him to avenge his father Steve)
  • Julia Howard (killed by Lorelei Martins, after Jane had her broken out of prison)
  • Benjamin Marx (killed by Bob Kirkland, because his name was included in Fake Red John's List)
  • Ace Brunell (killed by Steve Sellers, after Jane pit them against each other)

Jane Family TreeEdit

Alex Jane
Angela Ruskin
Patrick Jane
Teresa Lisbon
Charlotte Anne JaneChild

Near death experiences Edit

Despite being a consultant, Jane does sometimes has near-death experiences, usually needing to be saved by Lisbon or one of his teammates.

Season 1Edit

  • "Pilot:" Jane was almost shot by Dr. Wagner before his team rescued him.
  • "Red Hair and Silver Tape:" Malcolm and his wife nearly shot Jane and a kidnapped redheaded woman before they were both saved by Teresa Lisbon, who killed them when the man and wife nearly attacked her with a gun and a knife.
  • "Ladies in Red:" Jane was held at gun point by Adriana twice
    • First, when they were searching on Jason Sands' boat had Lisbon and Cho hasn't intervened.
    • Later hold him at gun point in order to save her kidnapped stepdaughter.
  • "Flame Red:" Nearly killed in a fire with Ben Macchiato but they both escape. 
  • "Bloodshot:" Patrick and Grace were nearly killed by the killer firing a gun at tthem. However, Lisbon saves them by shooting and killing the culprit. 
  • "Paint it Red:" Grace and Patrick were temporarily held at gunpoint by Rob Wallace 
  • "Russet Potatoes:" Rigsby (while hypnotised by the real killer) nearly threw Jane off the rooftop until he had undone the hypnotism. 
  • "Red Sauce:" Nearly shot at by one of Sonny's men until convincing them he was a CBI consultant. 
  • "Red John's Footsteps:" Nearly shot by Dumar Tanner. 

Season 2Edit

  • "The Scarlet Letter:" Nearly killed by a "fixer," who temporarily held him hostage, but he ended up dead.
  • "Throwing Fire:" Was hit by a baseball on accident and suffered a minor head injury.
  • "Bleeding Heart:" Was held captive by Wilson Fonteneau, who held him at gunpoint several times.

Season 3Edit

  • "Ball of Fire:" Rachael continuously zapped Patrick Jane, who she had kidnapped,  with a taser that could have killed him from electrical shock. Later when she had Lisbon and Jane, Rachel could have shot and killed Jane and Lisbon had Hightower not come and shoot her from behind in close range.
  • " Jolly Red Elf:"  Leila nearly injected Jane with a lethal alcoholic serum, but Teresa, Wayne, and Kimball burst into the room before it could happen.   
  • "Redacted:" One of the suspects, Heather points a gun at Patrick, going at him, but he is saved by Cho. 

Season 4Edit

  • "Pink Tops": Omar Vega nearly pulled the trigger of a gun on Patrick and the killer of the episode, Bianca, until Cho, Rigsby, and a SWAT team
  • "Red is the New Black:" One of the colleagues of Duval, Junior Acosta, nearly attacked Jane with a knife after being infuriated by him but Lisbon pulled her gun on the suspect.
  • "Red Hot:" Juri shoots at Jane, Lisbon, and Walter Mashburn

Season 5Edit

Season 6Edit

  • Wedding in Red: Charlie who killed the victim of that episode took Jane hostage and threaten to shoot him, causing Lisbon to stand down. McAllister shoots Charlie and rescues Jane in the process.
  • Fire and Brimstone: Jane survived the bombing caused by Red John (Thomas McAllister) and was hospitalized in the following episode.
  • The Great Red Dragon: Gale Bertram attempted to kill Jane when he unconscious in the hospital. However, Lisbon came in before he attempted the act.
  • Red John: A nun (follower of Red John) attempted to kill Patrick but he dodges her attack. Later,  Oscar Cordero attempted to kill Jane, causing him to pull the trigger before Cordero underwent it.

Season 7Edit

  • "Nothing Gold Can Stay:" Jane surrendered himself to the people who shot and killed Michelle Vega.  Jane is nearly shot when the criminals who killed Vega took him hostage before convincing them that a consultant of the FBI was far more valuable. He later pitted the two against each other.  

Trivia Edit


  • The name Patrick is of Irish, French, English, and German Origin. It is from the latin name "Patricius", meaning "nobleman." [2]
  • The name "Jane" is a medieval form of the name "Jehenne", and a feminine form of the name John. [3], meaning "Yehweh is gracious.[4]
  • Jane is the titular character of the series. Several characters call him a "Mentalist" inside the series by the hallucination of his daughter, and old friend, Jack.

Character NotesEdit

  • Jane continued wearing his wedding ring after his wife's death, but took it off and gave it to Lisbon.
  • Started the show losing his wife and daughter, the series ends with Jane gaining a wife and a child (Lisbon being pregnant with their first child).
  • Though constantly hypnotizing many people to get witnesses to tell the truth, Jane mostly hypnotized people into stop smoking, mentioning doing it to Minelli, a student in "Something's Rotten in Redmund" and a woman (Blood In, Blood Out)

Production NotesEdit

  • According to earlier scripts, Jane's first name was originally going to be Daniel.
    • The name was later given to Patrick's brother-in-law, who was named Daniel "Danny" Ruskin .


References Edit

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